Getting Huge

After a second half-assed cut cycle this summer and a few months of maintaining my weight around 54kg, I wasn’t feeling as strong or powerful as I had during my original maintenance plan. Around October, I started eating around a loose maintenance plan and gained a little weight back, and then in November, I purchased … More Getting Huge

Weighing In on 2016

2016 has been a strange year in my world of strength and conditioning. I started the year off with a bothersome right shoulder, impinged and likely strained, but thankfully not torn. I used at least three different types of manual therapy (not like that) to combat the issue, beginning with myofascial release to gain back … More Weighing In on 2016

Sky’s The Limit!

Not too much to report here. I’ve been on vacation in Hawaii, visiting Oahu, dropping into CrossFit Oahu, hiking around, and eating everything in sight. “Murph” takes place tomorrow, and with my hands already torn up from a prior WOD, I’m not certain what I’ll end up doing. We’ll see. Here’s a photo of me … More Sky’s The Limit!

Day 42

Halfway there! Week 6 is over. I haven’t hit any new PRs and my shoulder isn’t fixed. But I have not lost strength in my legs. I’ve completed a 5×5 at 198lbs., a 2×2 at 220lbs., and a 2×3 at 208lbs. I am just quads now. Average weight is hovering just below 130lbs., even with … More Day 42