16.2 Just Ruined My Fitness Life For Maybe Ever

If you’re wondering how 16.2 went for me (the second time), here are a couple of statistics:

1 – total reps under my first attempt (both attempts performed with a bad shoulder and a cold) 

6 – reps into WOD before first no-rep

4 – roughly how many times double-unders were broken

0 – amount of cleans at 85# I actually performed with correct technique after working on lifting technique for nine months

0 – also the number of full rounds completed

5 – pieces (five or take) my water bottle is now in after smashing it in frustration in the parking lot

1 – number of workouts (EXERCISE THINGS) I have actually cried over since taking up this stupid hobby in 2012. New PR.

So yeah, you could say the 2016 Open is going really well for me so far. 

Please, can we go back a few weekends to my first weightlifting meet when I didn’t do great due to injury, but felt like I at least showed up, tried, and didn’t make a fool of myself?? I weighed in as a 58kg lifter that day, below my goal of 63kg, and then went 6/6 on my lifts, finishing with a 58kg (power) clean and jerk which was effectively a body weight C&J–and the heaviest C&J I had put up since getting injured. That was a fun day, even if I only snatched 34kg. 

16.2, on the other hand, can go rot in Hell. It made me cry and feel like I’ve been wasting my time the last three years, with the added bonus of embarrassing myself in front of most of the gym tonight. Pretty sure this is exactly to opposite of how the Open is supposed to feel.  
When do I get to feel like I’m doing something worthy of being cheered on? (Probably never because the next WOD will be something like muscle-ups and snatches, just to twist the dagger in deeper on my broken shoulders.)

Current weight: 124lbs. as of Friday, March 3rd

Current feel: Why am I even exercising. 


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